Spanish lessons

These things are key for us:

  • Native Spreaker with an easy to understand Spanish without any strong accents, which can be used in both Latin America and Spain
  • Experience
  • Goal oriented
  • Learning should be fun
  • Individual attention
  • Tons of pedagogical materials
  • Good price / quality
  • Eaasy to reach
  • Flexible hours / Possible on location


The main goal is to use Spanish grammar learned to speak. During the lessons, however, all elements of the language are covered, such as grammar, conversation, listening, reading and writing skills.

The lessons are given in Spanish so that students are constantly confronted with the language (listening skills) and are encouraged to formulate in Spanish.

Often a new grammatical item is covered in the first half of the lesson after discussing homework. The second part consists of practicing that grammatical item.

For practicing, different materials are used related to the covered grammatical theme; reading texts (pronunciation and vocabulary), conversation exercises (listening, speaking skills and vocabulary), songs (listening skills, discussion), homework (writing skills).

We offer both fixed group and individual, or semi-individual lessons. Levels and the schedule for fixed groups are published on the Cost-page. Besides the fixed groups we offer individual or semi-individual lessons for students or a group of people that want to focus on specific items and cannot or do not want to join a group. Please contact us about availability. Individual lessons are possible

Monday until Friday from 9am tot 6pm

Saturday from 10am tot 2pm

The duration of the lessons is 1.5 or 2 hours.

The fixed groups have a fixed structure. Individual stundets can focus upon:

  • Spanish to “survive”.
  • Conversation Spanish; Practicing grammar previously learned.
  • Professional focus on medical, business, social vocabulary.
  • If ypu do not have a specific focus, the lessons are a mix of mainly grammar and speaking skills.
  • The lessons are accommodated to the needs and level of the client.